42nd Avenue Upgrade

The Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) is planning to upgrade East 42nd Avenue between Lake Otis Parkway and Florina Street (see map below). The project will be designed and constructed in phases. Phase 1 project limits are from Lake Otis Parkway to Piper Street and includes the water main replacement. Phase 1 also includes Fish Creek regrading and replacing all the culverts along East 42nd Avenue west of Lake Otis Parkway. Phase 2 project limits are from Piper Street to Florina Street.

Improvements are expected to include:

  • New road foundation
  • New asphalt pavement
  • New storm drain system
  • New pedestrian facilities
  • Improved street lighting
  • Phase 1 water main replacement

The MOA has contracted with CRW Engineering Group, Inc. to provide preliminary engineering and design services. With the passing of the Anchorage Road and Drainage Service Area (ARDSA) bond in the April 2024 election, Phase 1 is now funded through construction. It’s anticipated that Phase 1 construction will begin in approximately July 2024. Additional construction information will be provided once the construction Contractor has been hired by the MOA to perform the work. Phase 2 is funded through the 65% Design.

How to get involved:

  • Attend a public open house meeting.
  • Attend your monthly University Area Community Council Meeting. Go to this page to see current agendas.
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  • Contact us anytime with comments or questions at jkeene@crweng.com or holly@huddleak.com

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Map of the Project Area